Remote Bookkeepers for Small Businesses

Everyone has a unique story as to how they came to run a business. Some had a great idea and ran with it or alternatively fell into a family business that had been running for years before they were born. While others started by helping out or just being a casual employee, before eventually purchasing or being bought into the business.

We’d love to hear about your business and share your excitement with the prospects and future plans you have for your business’ growth and success.

Services, à La Carte

We offer an absolute breadth of services ranging from basic bookkeeping and BAS agent services to more nuanced, small business management solutions.


Case Studies

We’ve been in business for a while now and we have a pretty good grasp on what our clients deal with daily. Our case studies are based on real experiences we’ve had in industry.


Industries We Service

Small businesses exist within a wide range of industries. Over the years that we’ve been bookkeeping we’ve learned that each industry is as unique as the businesses working in them.


Services, à La Carte

We are remote bookkeepers, providing remote bookkeeping services all over Australia.

Gone are the days where there was a need for us to visit you in your workplace now we can discuss everything over the phone, or using Skype or Zoom. Recently we signed up with Receipt Bank to handle all of our client’s documents; digital storage with unlimited space, no need to archive paperwork anymore. Primarily we work in a  digital format via Email or an app on the phone. We would prefer to keep the trees in the forests instead of in archive boxes.


Software Packages

The software packages we utilise are typically cloud based and on a web-based platform. MYOB AccountRight is the only package which is its own locally stored software suite however it synch’s its data to the cloud as well.

Each of the packages have been around for a number of years. Some run multi-currency, and some can be used on Mac operating systems. We can consult with you on which would be the best fit for your small business if you haven’t decided on which one to use yet.

Our experience with these packages includes installation & tutoring, and we can sign you up for a subscription.

We are continually learning, so we can learn other packages as they are introduced to the industry.

Bookkeeping Software




Ancillary Software

Receipt Bank

Free for any Nifty Bookkeeping clients through our subscription to this service. Digitize your receipts as easily as taking a photo.


We use OneDrive to store copies of all of our documents, whether internal or for clients. Microsoft’s own cloud-based storage.

Services We Offer

Basic Data Entry

Regular bookkeeping on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly basis

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Receipt Bank Digital Storage

More in depth bookkeeping services

  • Invoicing clients
  • Suppliers Invoices
  • Management of accounts payable & accounts receivable
  • Inventory management
  • Payroll & employee management
  • BAS & IAS Lodgement
  • SGC Lodgement

Business Management

  • Debt recovery consultation & facilitation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budgeting
  • General Business management & advice

No two businesses are completely alike and as a result they all need something different, something tailored specifically for them, when it comes to their bookkeeping and business management.

Our goal is to provide your small business with a “well-fitted suit”
of bookkeeping and business management services.

Find out what we can do for you.


Case Studies

Real examples of how we, as your professional partner, can ease the burden of managing your small business.

If you would like to know more about how Nifty Bookkeeping has helped clients manage the day-today running of their businesses, the below links provide a helpful anecdote for a number of different situations our clients have found themselves in. Situations you may even be in as you read this.

Bookkeeping should be more than simply keeping books.

There are standard procedures that run across every industry; however, most clients have their own ideas on how they would like to run their business. At Nifty Bookkeeping, we respect our clients’ ideals and strive to help them to manage their business their way by providing invaluable tools, insight and experience.

It would be easy to simply enter your data for you and lodge your activity statements when they fall due but any bookkeeper can do that. Helping you grow your business and taking care of the things that would otherwise take you away from the work you love. Finding more time for you and your family. Now that’s what we’re really passionate about.

Our goal is to be more than just the bookkeeper for your small business. We want to be your Professional Partner. By this we mean that we want you to know and feel like we’re as invested in your small business and its success as much as you are.

Our passion is helping you stay passionate about your work.

Hitting a little close to home?


Industries We Service

A Breadth of Experience Lets Us Cover More Bases. A Depth of Experience Means We Do It Well.

Although there are differences across each industry, generally, businesses in the same industry will come up against similar challenges and are usually faced with the same legislation and regulations. We try to stay at the forefront of this information when it comes to our client’s books and the industries that they’re in.

There are only a handful of industries that we aren’t well equipped to support small businesses within. The industries  listed below are the ones that we have a number of years, clients, or both worth of bookkeeping experience .



Fitness & Health

Research & Development


Cafe & Restaurant

Human Resources



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Small business owners wear many different hats to run their business.

They spend hours not only doing the work they have committed to, they also spend late nights and weekends doing their quotes, invoices, chasing money, paying employees, paying suppliers, balancing the bank account, trying to work out why they have no money, feeling confused with the software packages, and getting frustrated with the end of the financial year.  Spending hours questioning the legislation, unsure as to what actually needs done. When in reality, we can assist with most of that. Helping you to enjoy the benefits of running a small business. Most small business owners feel like they live to work, all free time is stolen by the business.

Let us create more time in your day so you can do the things that are important to you.

Looking forward to having more time? 


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