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About Nifty Bookkeeping and Its Bookkeepers

A Small Business, A Family Business, and Your Professional Partner

Since 2000 we have taken care of the bookkeeping and business management needs of many clients in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and recently branched out to the Gold Coast & Brisbane.

We now believe that we can help small business owners all over Australia.

As a small business ourselves we have tackled the hurdles that most businesses go through. So, we know firsthand the difficulties a small business faces day to day in a changing economy.

We understand the many hats that a small business owner must wear, and we can assist them, with confidence in the administration and financial management of their business, easing the burden of running a small business.

Quailfied & Experienced Bookkeepers & Registered BAS Agents

Being a Registered BAS Agent, requires you to have successfully completed your Cert IV in Financial Services Bookkeeping and/or Accounting. You must complete the required amount of hours of experience set by the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB), apply and meet the guidelines required to become a Registered BAS Agent.  You must be a member of a Professional Association, eg.The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), or the like and maintain continuous professional education (CPE). You must maintain current Public Indemnity Insurance (PI).
Registered BAS Agents renew their registration every 2 years in order for you to stay compliant.
It is illegal to contract as a bookkeeper without being registered with the TPB.

All of our bookkeepers are Compliant.

Janice Marken

Hi, nice to meet you, I’m the founder and owner of Nifty Bookkeeping, I manage of our bookkeepers, and I’m a bookkeeper myself. I have been passionate about bookkeeping since I was a little girl, when my father used to recruit me to sort his receipts at tax time each year. After completing Year 12 I began bookkeeping in small businesses. I got married and had children and used to help family and friends maintain their book work whilst being a stay home mum.

When the GST came in in 2000, I started Nifty Bookkeeping in response to the now government regulated need for regular reporting. Personally, taking many businesses from a manual bookkeeping system to a computerised one streamlined the process of discussing a business’ financial position before end of financial year tax returns. I was able to give clients an overview of their books at any point during the year.

This is where my passion evolved into helping small business owners do what they are passionate about, without having concern about their book work and providing them with the tools to grow

Director and Veteran Bookkeeper

Douglas Marken

Hi, nice to meet you, I joined the family bookkeeping business in 2017. I decided to join our close-knit team of bookkeepers after being diagnosed with Narcolepsy. It seemed like the perfect career change and I haven’t looked back since. I have been involved with bookkeeping all of my life. I remember stacks of boxes filled with paperwork piled around the lounge room and even being recruited to sort receipts into chronological order from a very young age.

Excelling at logic and troubleshooting in previous employment, I found bookkeeping to be a natural transition. I completed a Cert IV in Accounting at the end of 2017 and plan to pursue further study into accounting and economics.

Working at the base level of small business allows me to connect with clients’ businesses and places me in a position whereby I can offer suggestions for them to be running a more effective and efficient business. At this stage of my career, I enjoy the day to day data entry as it appeals to my love of methodical work and categorisation.

Where most business owners view bookkeeping as a problem, I see bookkeeping as “a problem with a definite solution” and get a great deal of satisfaction out of solving each unique puzzle.

Bookkeeper and Resident Tech Guy

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