Nifty Bookkeeping was launched in 2000 in response to the high demand for quality bookkeeping which followed the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The business has now been operating for over 12 years and has gone from strength to strength due to a commitment to stay up to date and even ahead of the changing landscape of financial services in Australia over the last decade. These changes have been driven mostly by substantial new laws introduced by the federal government over this time.

Before 2000 bookkeeping was generally considered as simply a part of general business administration or office duties. Therefore, often the partner of the business owner or the receptionist would do the bookkeeping as part of their job. However ongoing changes to Australian taxation law have meant that bookkeeping now comes under regulations covering financial services and taxation. This is due mainly to the fact that bookkeeping practices can have a significant effect on the way GST is reported which in turn can have a significant effect on how it is collected, paid and credited. Other areas including Pay As You Go (PAYG) installments are also affected by these changes. As a result of these regulations, today, all contract bookkeepers are required to be registered BAS agents.  At Nifty Bookkeeping, as registered BAS agents, we continually update our practices, qualifications, and knowledge to stay abreast of these changes.

The demand for quality bookkeeping services has been high and is growing. Due to this Nifty Bookkeeping now has a regular client base of over 80 clients and works in conjunction with over 10 different accounting firms. This means that all clients benefit from the breadth of experience and knowledge acquired by Nifty Bookkeeping’s staff who are exposed to a wide range of business types and accounting methodologies. The value of the service offered can be demonstrated by the fact that many accountants now refer their clients to Nifty Bookkeeping to make sure that the books are in excellent order before they receive them. The staff at Nifty Bookkeeping always keep in contact with each client’s accountant to ensure that the work is done in accordance with their accountant’s requirements.

Many clients rely on the staff at Nifty Bookkeeping to act as an intermediary between themselves and their accountant or the Australian Taxation Office. This frees the client and the accountant to both deal with their own busy schedules while being confident that the administrative aspects of the business are in order.

Reliability, diligence, enthusiasm, and flexibility are the qualities that set Nifty Bookkeeping apart as a business that truly supports and empowers small business owners.